The Monroe Community College athletic department offers regionally and nationally prominent athletic programs.  Through a dedicated commitment to educational pursuits, a competitive athletic program, and integrity in all areas, the student-athletes, coaches and staff strive to bring recognition and a source of pride to Monroe Community College.

The mission of the athletic department is to sponsor broad-based athletic and recreational programs that provide educational, athletic and equitable opportunities for all students and staff.  The department supports opportunities for men and women to grow in an environment governed by the ideals of integrity, sportsmanship and fair play.  It supports the hopes and aspiration of its student-athletes, administration, coaches and staff, and is dedicated to assisting them to achieve the highest level of academic success and development, personal wellness and excellence in athletic competition.

The athletic department is committed to the general welfare of student-athletes and embraces the NJCAA’s principles of sportsmanship and ethical conduct.  It holds the physical and emotional safety of its students-athletes as a high priority.



  • To provide support in all areas of student-athlete welfare including academics, physical and emotional well-being, social development, personal growth, wellness, and career and community service;
  • To recruit student-athletes who possess reasonable expectations of academic, athletic and social success;
  • To provide facilities, equipment, training and health care to ensure that student-athletes have the opportunity to excel, ensuring equitable opportunities for all students and staff;
  • To maintain a sound financial base though adequate funding and appropriate management of provided resource funds;
  • To operate in compliance with all rules of the College, Region III and the National Junior College Athletic Association;
  • To ensure student-athletes, coaches and staff participate in appropriate leadership development and community service activities;
  • To employ coaches and staff consistent with the College and athletic department philosophy and standards of integrity, moral conduct and sportsmanship.